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Having healthy gluten free snacks available can often be a challenge. Gluten runs rampant in many packaged snack foods, especially in many popular ones. However, there are a number of whole foods that make great snacks which are easily found, if you know what to look for. Here are a few ideas for items you can keep on hand that work quite well to satisfy those between meal cravings.

One of the most important concepts to keep in mind for gluten free diets is to plan ahead for possible hunger attacks. If a sudden craving should strike, the local convenience store or vending machine may not provide the foods you need. Be sure to keep some the following items in your food inventory at all times. All of these will need little or no preparation other than placing them in a bag or container when you expect to be on the go.

Fruits are one of the best gluten free snacks and come in a stunning variety of ways to eat them. Raw fruit is the easiest form and apples, oranges, pears or peaches are handy most of the time. However, fruit is best when it is fresh and sometimes storage can be a consideration. When keeping fruit for extended periods, such as at the office or at school, dried fruits are extremely portable. Canned fruit with pop top lids is also convenient and tasty.

Almonds, cashews, peanuts, mixed nuts or sunflower seeds can be bought in bulk for home use and put into zipper bags for traveling about. You can even make your own trail mix with your favorite assortment of nuts, raisins or other dried fruits and dark chocolate chips if desired. Small pretzels and cereals without gluten can be added as well. The variety here is virtually endless. Cheeses, boiled eggs and vegetables are also healthy and handy.

There are, of course, many prepared package items that you can purchase and keep nearby. Just be sure to read the labels carefully and make sure there are no ingredients that don’t fit your diet plan when stocking up on gluten free snacks.

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