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Gluten sensitivity plagues many people, causing them to be forced to stop eating certain foods which contain flour. Gluten is one of the important active ingredients in flour, affecting the rising capacity of the flour and also its weight as an ingredient. With the morning meal being the most important a gluten free breakfast is possible for those people with this sensitivity.

Most commercial breakfast cereals contain flour of some sort and therefore contain some form of gluten. Cereals advertising rice or oats often contain wheat flour. Ingredient labels must be checked to ensure that you avoid gluten products. With the advent of healthier products, gluten-free cereals may be more easily found than in the past.

Health food stores routinely carry a wide selection of gluten free items which may be adapted for the breakfast meal. In addition to gluten free pastas, cookies and pizza crusts for use later in the eating day, they feature gluten free breads, cereals and pastries. These are delicious when served with fruits or eggs. It is also possible to find gluten free food at the regular store if you remember to stay away from items containing any wheat flour.

Natural products such as dairy products, fruits, vegetables, meats and eggs are free from gluten in their pure states. These products have not been combined with flour. Breakfast meats likewise have not been joined with flour products so all these items are perfect for a gluten free breakfast.

Examples of a tasty gluten free breakfast might include a gluten free cereal topped with fresh fruit and accompanied by gluten free toast or a muffin, or breakfast meat with eggs and a gluten free pastry. A cheese-and-mushroom omelet with gluten-free English muffins is another nutritious offering. If gluten free foods are required for you, there are many food choices available if you look a little harder.

Gluten may easily be avoided as a breakfast ingredient if you choose your menu items with care. Carefully reading ingredient lists is an excellent way of being certain that gluten is not in your foods. It is possible to have a delicious, balanced meal while at the same time avoiding gluten-containing products.

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