Gluten-Free loaf

May 16, 2010 by  
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Cranberry gluten-free loaf recipe. Conversions – 225g = 8oz. (1/2 pound)or about 2 US cups Gas Mark 5 = 375 Fahrenheit or 190 celcius (moderately hot) NB: Make sure the batter is quite moist (gluten-free flours soak up moisture). At its best eaten warm or (after aa day or so) toasted. Although not bad on its own, cold. Use a sharp knife to cut it. Also, different sorts of gluten-free flours produce slightly different textures. Rice flour produces quite a ‘cakey’ mix that is better untoasted than one made with pre-prepared, shop-bought gluten-free ‘bread’flour (which tends to end up with a harder, more bready loaf that almost certainly needs toasting). Experiment.

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