Do You Know What Foods Are Gluten Free?

May 16, 2010 by  
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If you have to watch out for those foods that contain gluten from wheat, do you know what foods are gluten free? There are a lot of foods that do not contain gluten and do not have to be prepared in kind of special way. This is great news for those that thought they had to make great limits in their diet to remain symptom free.

One of the choices you have for foods that do not contain gluten is that of fresh meats. The only thing you will need to be careful of is the breading that many people use in preparing some meats. You can go online and find many recipes for preparing fresh meats with breading substitutes.

If you are stuck on trying to figure out what foods are gluten free for your snacks then you will have no kind of limits with fresh fruits. There are numerous choices available from apples to passions fruit. You should make it a point to shop frequently at fresh markets that have some of the best choices in fresh fruits. You may also have no limits when it comes to fresh vegetables either. Making a trip to a fresh produce market can mean that you take home plenty of foods that are not only really good for you but also gluten free.

Just because you are not allowed to have gluten in your diet does not mean that you cannot satisfy that sweet tooth. White and brown sugars are gluten free. While the flour generally used for cakes and cookies does have gluten, you can also go online and find recipes for flour substitutes that work well for making some delicious sweet treats.

You can also have many dairy products while avoiding gluten. Ice cream and yogurt are two favorites that you can have plenty of. For all the products that you buy that are already prepared, always make sure to check the labeling to make sure they are indeed gluten free.

So, if you want to discover what foods are gluten free, you have only to stick to those which don’t have wheat!