2010 Best Gluten Free Bread – Purity Bread

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The Julian Bakery’s Purity Bread is 2010’s best gluten free bread currently available on the market. Purity bread is Gluten Free, Yeast Free, Sugar Free, and Dairy free. Have you been looking for Gluten Free Bread that is high protein, high fiber and taste good? Then look no further the Julian Bakery is proud to offer shipping nationwide of our newest gluten free bread named Purity bread. This delicious bread has an amazing sourdough onion tastes and combines the finest gluten free ingredients on the market with no preservatives. Purity bread combines buckwheat, millet, and a sprouted thirteen bean mix that is easily digested because of the 8 hr sprouting and culture process we use. This bread is made in a separate area and equipment to avoid contamination and was tested by our Celiac customers. Celiac.com recently reviewed this bread on November 13th and said it was fantastic! We are currently selling this bread to 1000s of Celiac, Low Carb, and Diabetic customers nationwide. Our customers tell us this is the best tasting gluten free bread on the market that sustains them throughout the day with 8 grams of fiber and 7g of protein per slice. This bread is also Low Calorie at 68 calories per slice and has a total of 2 net carbs. Purity bread is a 1lbs un-sliced loaf that you cut slices approx ΒΌ of an inch and toast on high. You get approx 14-16 slices out of this round bread.h This bread is truly perfect for people looking for the best quality gluten free bread on the

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